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Champasak is located in the southern part of the Lao People Democratic Republic (Lao P.D.R), sharing border with Thai to the west, Salavan ,Sekong and Attapeu provinces are located to the north and east, and Cambodia to the south.

The province has ten districts (Bachieng , Champasak , Khong Mounlapamok, Pakse Paksong , Pathoumphone , Phone thong , Sanasomeboun and Sukhuma ) the Grand total land area of 15.415 square kilometers .Each person needs to visit the land that includes many marvelous tourists for themselves. Currently Champasak has about 206 tourist sites to explore. Among those, there are 109 natural tourist sites; there are forty historical tourist sites and fifty-five cultural tourist sites. These tourist sites have been divided in to four tourism groups.

Getting to Champasak province is very easy now; Champasak province has good land route transportation that links it to other province and neighboring countries. Especially the Socially Republic of Vietnam, the kingdom of Cambodia and the kingdom of Thailand.

The land route transportation from socialist Republic of Vietnam
1.      Nampao border:

  • Hanoi Capital City-Pakse 1,071 km.

2.      Savannakhet border:

  • Lao Bao-Pakse 418 km
  • kuang Jee-Pakse 558 km
  • Teua Tian Hue-Pakse 658 km

3.      Phou keua border:

  • Ya Lai –Pakse 1,170 km
  • Bingding-Pakse 1,300 km
  • Ho Chi Min-Pakse 1,300 km 

 Moreover, road No 16 can be taken from Kon Toum province to Sekong province and road No 15 goes form Kuang Ject to Saravan province in Champasak safely.

The land route transportation to get to Champasak from Cambodia

  • Dong ka Lor border-Pakse 168 Km
  • Seang Teang-Pakse 228 Km

The land route transportation to get to Champasak from kingdom of Thailand

  • Ubon-Pakse 147 Km
  • Bangkok-Pakse  850 Km

To save time, air transportation is available in Champasak Province. Champasak airport is one of standard airports in Laos.

Lao airline and Thai airline serve passengers. Form Vientiane airport can fly to Pakse, Luang Prabang (a world heritage city), Siemriep in Kingdom of Cambodia and Bangkok Kingdom of Thailand to Pakse.

Domestic flights

  • Vientiane-Pakse, 4 flights / week, (1 hour 15 minutes)
  • Luang Prabang-Pakse, 3 flights / week, (1 hour 40 minutes)

International flights

  • Siemriep-Pakse, 7 flights / week, (1hour)
  • Bangkok-Pakse, 2 flights / week, (1 hour 30 minutes)

Getting a visa in Champasak is not complicated. There are two international border in Champasak, one at the Pakse international airport and one the Vangtao-Song Merk border (the international border between Laos and Thailand). Nong Nok Kian border (the border between Laos and Cambodia) issues stamps to cross the border. Also, there are local borders at Ban Mai Singsumpanh in Sanasomboun district and Song Ta Ou, the traditional border in SuKouma district with Boun Tha Lik district, Ubon province, Thailand.

Some people have never come to Champasak province because they were worried about finding guides, but this problem is solved now. Champasak province has twenty-nine total tourist companies. Besides that, the head office has nineteen companies, the tourism branch has about 10 companies and the tourism agency has on company. For more information, visit website about Lao, which, will have more information about Lao and can also be used to reserve a tour guide from other tourism companies immediately.

Champasak has many levels of guesthouse, hotels, resorts and restaurants waiting to serve tourists. The cheapest hotels cost 5 US dollars per night and the most expensive is 200 US dollars per night. The cheapest guesthouse cost 3 US dollars per night and the most expensive is 15 US dollars per night. And for resorts, the cheapest is 5 US dollar per night and the most expensive is 15 US dollar per night. Moreover, the 122 restaurants offer many kinds of food such as Lao food, Thai food, Chinese food and other types of international foods.

Nowadays, Champasak province has a total hotel of 41 hotels, 119 guesthouse and 4 resorts able to house 2.636 people per night.


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