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Rare Wildlife in Khammouane Province, Laos

Both the high forested mountains of the Annamite Range on the border with Viet Nam and the steep rugged cliffs and caves of the Phou Hin Poun National Protected Area have an abundance of rare and unique animals. Scientists are astounded by the recent discoveries concealed in the cliffs, caves and forests of Khammouane. Beside tigers, elephants, gibbons and the beautiful Douc Langur, There are a number of other remarkable species in Khammouane, many of which were only recently discovered by scientists. There is the Saola, an ox-like mammal first described in 1994, as well as the Giant Muntjac, a deer-like mammal discovered at about the same time. Also a new species of rodent, reffered to by villagers as Kha Nyou, was found in 2004 and looks like a cross between a rat and a squirrel. The Kha Nyou, which lives in crevices of the Limestone Mountains, is so unique that it has been classified by scientists as a new mammalian family-the first new family discovered since the 1970's.

Another unique species found only in the limestone areas of Khammouane and Bolikhamxay Provinces and in the adjacent Phoung Nha Reserve in Viet Nam is the Sooty Babbier (Stachyrisherberti). This endemic species, which makes it's home around deep forested gullies, is a social, dark coloured, medium-sized bird usually seen foraging low in the stunted vegetation and playing in groups near cliffs and boulders. Look for the pale bill and characteristic eye ring to identify it.

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