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The That Phoum Pouk (Phoum Pouk Stupa)

The stupa is located near Nam Ngaen village on a hill in the northeast part of the Namtha Valley. The original stupa was constructed in 1628 to demarcate neutral territory between the Kingdoms of Lane Xang (centered in Luang Prabang) and Lane Na (centered in Chiang Mai). In 1966 the old stupa was destroyed when an American plane dropped a bomb on it. The new monument seen besides the older, ruined stupa was constructed in 2003.

Phoum Pouk StupaThat Phoum Pouk-Luang Namtha
The That Phoum Pouk (Phoum Pouk Stupa)
That Luang Namtha (Luang Namtha Stupa)

A long time ago Sy Sod So Tammikarad King of Xieng Sean (nowadays Xieng Sean in northern Thailand and Naleatafai King of Chantabouly (nowadays Oudomxay), built two stupas to symbolize their friendship. One stupa was That Phoum Pouk the second stupa, now called the Luang Namtha Stupa , once located on the eastern head of the Namtha River, was lost to the forest, but rebuilt in December 2004.  Now called the Luang Namtha Stupa, It’s easy to access from the north end of town.

Stupa of Luang Namtha, LaosLuang Namtha Stupa
That Luang Namtha (Luang Namtha Stupa)
Luang Namtha Temple (Vat Luang Namtha)

The Tai Yuan and Tai Lue are devoutly Buddhist. Hence, there are 3-4 vats (temples) and monasteries in the area. Vat Ban Luang Khon, the most important in the area, is located on the main road next to the airport. Vat Ban Vieng Nuea, and Vat Ban Vieng Tai, also quite beautiful temples, are as well located on the main road to the airport.

Vat Luang KhoneLuang Namtha Temple
Luang Namtha Temple (Vat Luang Khone)

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