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In the mountainous nature of Oudomxay province, agriculture is a hard and difficult job to do. However, it is the base for most people living in the area.

In Lao PDR farmers employ mostly one of two cultivation systems: either the wet-field paddy system, practiced primarily in the plains and valleys, or the swidden cultivation system, practiced primarily in the hills such as in Oudomxay. 45% of the rural villages are dependent upon swidden agriculture for their subsistence. However, this form of farming is difficult and area intensive, as the land needs time to recover to sustain its productivity. The main crop is rice and other important produce are vegetables, fruits, corn, cassava, coffee, sugarcane, tobacco, cotton, tea and peanuts. Livestock grazing is also an important component of rural livelihoods, with water buffalo, pigs, cattle and chicken being the principle livestock. Forests do not just contribute wood, but a broad range of fruits, herbals, and meat to the income of families. Approximately 40,000 ha of land is cultivated in Oudomxay with rice as the major crop. The rice is mostly from rain fed upland systems with some rice growing in rain fed lowland systems and a small amount of irrigated systems. The government in cooperation with international organizations is working for improving the production intensity while proposing a sustainable usage of natural resources. Maize and soybeans are other important crops in Oudomxay.

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