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Trekking in Muang Khua, Phongsaly, Laos
Would you like to discover remote area and ethnic diversity daily life?
  • Just outside Muang Khua there are more hundreds of beautiful, stunning mountain, great views, landscapes….
  • There are many different ethnic groups and many different Akha. They speak their own language. Still most women of these ethnic groups wear own colorful traditional costume.
1 Day Trek Pakha (ID: MK-TK-01)
Trekking in Muang Khua, Laos
Easy hiking on small path through bamboo forest, herbal plants and beautiful landscape…visit two different tribes as: Akha Lama and Tai Yuang, both of them still traditional costumes and join some activities with local people. ||Booking | Read more >>
1 Day Trek Scenery Jungle-Nam Ou River Tail (ID: MK-TK-02)
Muang Khua TrekkingThis one-day tour is a special trip for visitors with limited time in Muang Khua, who are seeking an interesting experience. On this trek we lead you into the scenery jungle and up to the mountain and enjoy view from the mountain, to explore Khmu village and people and back to Muang Khua by small local boat down on Nam Ou River. || Booking | Read more >>
2 Days Trek Khmu in Muang Khua (ID: NT-TK-03)
Trek Muang Khua, Laos
Moderate trek in Muang Khua to visit Akha Ya Er and stay overnight in the Khmu ethnic, learn about their culture and traditional. Next day continue walk up to the mountain to join excellent view, explore multi-ethnic groups stay together that Ban Mai. || Booking | Read more >>
2 Days Trek Akha in Muang Khua (ID: MK-TK-04)
Trekking in Muang Khua, Laos Hiking through mountain rice fields with nice view, to know herbal plants in the young forest, visit ethnic diversity in Muang Khua as: Tai Dam, Khmu and stay overnight with Akha village. Learn about their culture and traditional, test local food, Lao whisky (Lao Lao) and Akha traditional massage. || Booking | Read more >>
3 Days Trek in Muang Khua (ID: MK-TK-05)
3 Days Trek in Muang Khua, Laos
Hiking on small path, enjoy great view to explore ethnic diversity in Muang Khua as: Akha and Khmu, the first day stay overnight in the Akha village and the second day in the Khmu village, learn about traditional Akha and Khmu architecture. || Booking | Read more >>
More Info Trekking in Muang Khua, Phongsaly Province, Laos
Mr Keo or Mr. Khammant
Tel: 020-54 09 99 34, 22 02 05 46 (English Speaking)
E-mail: trek_phongsaly@hotmail.com
Website: www.muangkhua.com
Phou Iu Travel and Eco-Tourism (Head Office Contact)
Luang Namtha District Office, Luang Namtha Province, Laos
Mobile: 020-99 44 00 84 (English Speaking); 22 39 01 95
Tel: + 856-86-26 00 15, Fax: + 856-86-26 00 15
E-mail: phouiu_travel@hotmail.com
Website: www.phouiu-ecotourism-laos.com

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