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Saravanh Province Map
Saravanh Travel Info
Eco-Trekking in Saravanh Province, Laos
Phou tak kao Mountain Trail 
Time Station Activities Details
Day 1
8 : 00 Arrive at Ban Sanone.

Coffee roasting session before starting the trek.
Ban Sanone is about 7 km from Tadlo area.

Two villages (Ban Saneum None, and Ban Sandong) have been recently combined and the hybrid name (Sanone) has been given).  The village is located 5 km from the Xe Set bridge if travelling on route 20 towards Laongarm.  It is on the right hand side at the top of the hill-climb.

Robusta coffee and the unusual Liberica Coffee is grown in this village.  Visitors can participate in a coffee roasting of freshly harvested beans and taste the various roast intensities, and various species of beans.

The coffee beans are stirred in an oil-less hot wok for about 45 minutes then crushed, mortar and pestle style, then strained in boiled water before drinking.
9 : 00 Leave Ban Sanone Start walk with village guides along trail following the escarpment.
9 : 30

Arrive at Tad
Mai Hia

Descend along
the stream-side
to Tad Hai.

These two waterfalls are located on a stream less than 1km from the village.

The waterfalls are stepped with drops of about 8m, and are named after the surrounding vegetation.  Mai Hia (species of bamboo), Hai (fig tree).

This area has been protected as a fish nursery as a measure to increase sustainable fisheries in other sections of the stream.
10 : 30 Arrive at Tad Malai.Look down
from the top of the waterfall.
Waterfall named after the stripy dog.  Path crosses the top of  the falls.  Cool-shady place to rest.
11:10 Arrive at Houay Tamla stream. Houay Tamla is the border between the lands of Ban Sanone, and Ban Khanouan.

This stream is called Tamla after a highly sort after clairvoyant died at this stream.

Here, the stream is occasionally blocked-off in places to regulate and dry out ponds for fish harvesting. After this stream, the forest changes to more open dryer forest with grassy understory.

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