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Savannakhet Province Info
That Phonh Festival

Held over three days in early February, this celebration attracts locals, who place hundreds of baked rice balls at the That Phonh Stupa and offer alms to the spirits of those who built it. They also give uncooked rice to the monks. (Mekong River South Circuit).

Boun Heuan Hin (Stone House Festival)

This Khmer site on the Mekong River south of Savannakhet Town hosts a mid-March festival to pay respect to the dead. People gather for a Buddhist ceremony in the morning, and at night everyone joins in a large circle for the traditional Lamvong dance. (Mekong River South Circuit).

Pii Mai Lao (Lao New Year)

Celebrated over three days in mid-April, and with plenty of festive water splashing, the province’s biggest New Year celebrations take place in Savannakhet Town. A beauty contest selects Miss New Year, who is paraded through the city atop a float shaped like a bird or animal. The float’s design changes from year to year.

Boun Bang Fai (Rocket Festival)

A festival linked to fertility and intended to bring rain, the largest celebration is held in Ban Kengkok in Champone District. This late-April/early-May festival starts with a traditional Sualakhang dance, in which men dress like women, and tie themselves together in a circle. A parade of artificial elephants and horses precedes the rocket competition where large bamboo rockets are launched skyward. (Champone Circuit)

Boun Auk Phansaa (Mekong Boat Racing Festival)

Celebrated over two days in the first week of October, Savannakhet’s ceremonies are centered around Xaiyaphoum Temple and the Mekong River. Buddhists make merit at temples on the first morning to commemorate the end of Buddhist Lent before joining in various festivities. At around 11:00 am, Lao and Thai longboats meet and the racing begins. In the evening everyone launches their own small heua fai or small boats made of banana leaves and flowers on the Mekong to cast off the past years bad luck and wish for a brighter future.

That Ing Hang Festival

Held over three days leading to late December’s full moon, this celebration pays respect to Buddha and those who built the ancient sacred stupa. People place mark beng, small banana-leaf towers with flowers, around it and nuns bless them. Forest products, traditional foods and local handicrafts are sold at the huge trade fair that is held at the same time as the festival.

The Baci Ceremony

Lao villagers perform thisritual to welcome visitors or send them off, and during weddings. This sacred ceremony, in which blessings are symbolically tied to one’s wrist with strings, is also a reconciliation gesture and the faithful believe is can help cure many illnesses.


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